Post-it notes (altered and with holders)

post-it notes

Recently, I have been obsessed with post-its or notepads, either altering them or making holders for them or adding pens, embossed designs, stamps and embellishments.  I started out with just a couple of scrap papers and cardstock paper and viola! A little holder for my post-it notes and notepads.  I wanted to sell these in craft fairs or souks but I just couldn’t find the time to make some more in case I needed more than I could actually sell.  There’s also the problem of not so many craft fairs in my city that the nearest I could sell my handmade products is the local showroom where the entire city is also showcasing their products there.  I have found, like, one or two doing the same thing as I do.  They were also selling personalized notepads, to-do lists, appointments, grocery lists, altered notebooks and post-it notes and other paper and non-paper crafts.  So far, i have around ten (10) of these post-it notes and three (3) plain 4×6 inches notepads.  Anybody interested, just send me an email or a message.


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